Kolumne: Paddy Klink – Facebook… blessing and curse

Kolumnenzeit auf 5vier. Paddy Klink ist wieder an der Reihe. Seine heutigen Zeilen widmet er der schwedischen Band DEVILED. Also, packt das Wörterbuch aus und lehnt euch zurück…

Unser 5vier-Kolumnist Paddy Klink. Foto: privat

Ob ich jetzt total am Rad drehe? Tschuldigung – NEIN! Die heutige Ausgabe widme ich unseren schwedischen Freunden der Band DEVILED, deren Musik ihr Euch während dem Lesen dieser Kolumne zumindest im Hintergrund anhören solltet, da Euch sonst den Rest des Jahres schlimmes Unglück widerfahren wird… is klar. Darum werden die folgenden Zeilen auch auf Englisch erscheinen, da es wohl für „uns“ einfacher sein wird, einen englischen Text zu verstehen, als ein Schwede einen deutschen Text verstehen wird. Und mit meinem Schwedischkurs bin ich leider noch nicht so fortgeschritten, dass ich hier einen Roman für die Bewohner meines bevorzugten Urlaubslandes in ihrer Muttersprache schreiben könnte. Euch überlasse ich den Spaß, das Übersetzungsprogramm Eures Vertrauens zu konsultieren, um einen lustigen Text heraus zu bekommen. Enjoy!

A long time ago… I was surfing around Facebook and found an advertisement that said: Swedish band is looking for concerts in Germany. Please call us up if you can help. How crazy can someone be, to respond to this message? Ask me! Crazy enough to make a small “European Tour” become reality. We soon got in touch and kept contact by writing emails and posting on our Facebook profiles. This was at the end of summer 2010!!! Clubs were found very soon and reservations were made immediately. The venues would be: Circus Maximus in Koblenz, Café Rocas in Luxembourg and Ex-Haus in Trier. On top, Deviled organized a concert in Amsterdam and while I am writing these lines, I am pretty sure that four guys are putting up their equipment right now to rock the club like hell in a few hours. Unfortunately we could not join them this time because there are not enough holidays left to do all the other crazy things we are already planning – and (!) to go on the REAL Sweden Tour in August, of course!

How to start planning a tour? Well, at least you have to have some really cool kick-ass bands to play with – already knowing that you can also party like hell with them. These were found very quickly. For the kickoff-concert we could win LAKE CISCO to join the line-up as special local guest, a decision that made the concert quite a Rockbuster-Concert (Lake Cisco won the Rockbuster finals in 2009, Project 54 left the concert as second winner). For Trier, we wanted to have Angel at my table on stage with us. Not only do they have the probably best looking singer of all bands in Luxembourg – these guys have to be supported in our region as they support us in their hometowns. By the way – their songs are brilliant!

For a real mega rock-tour you need a mega band on top. This is why we decided to ask our friends from Luxembourg to come on board. Versus You are not only the “oldest” and one of the best bands from our small neighboring country, we just love these boys who really know their job. That means on stage and backstage – of course!

Who the *** is DEVILED? As the name already says, these guys seem to rock like hell. And yes, they do! During some songs you will hear and see James Hetfield stand in front of you on stage screaming his heart out. Don’t worry, C.J. (who is the singer and guitar player in the band) you look, smell and drink better than Mr. Metallica! The band from middle Sweden (for the geography losers) is one of the best known and most loved one in their homecountry – as we hope Project 54 is for our hometown. Their music slides between a mix of 80’s hardrock, influenced by Metallica, Motörhead and Pippi Longstocking. Here you go. Hammering riffs, great voice and a drummer that could easily be our Stefan’s brother as he beats his drumset up like him, mixed with Jack Daniel’s flavoured breath and Swedish blood running through their veins, makes them a real diamond in the present mine of rockbands.

After having packed our backline into our tourbus we started off to Koblenz on Thursday afternoon – please take note that just one night before, I was recording the vocals for the second song that will be put on our new upcoming album! –  wondering whether the guys from up North would arrive in time or AT ALL. Supported by Toby, who will be present at all our future concerts as our number one choice technician and Götz, our man for the merchandise, sandwiches and good humor, we arrived at Circus Maximus and luckily found the best parking spot in town – just in front of the elevator going down to the club. After setting up the instruments and our merchandise and doing the soundcheck, the other bands soon arrived and enjoyed the tasty lasagna à la Circus Maximus. So did DEVILED. They arrived just in time, found the second best parking spot in town and were introduced to everyone before they entered the stage as second band in the lineup after Project 54. Versus You unfortunately already had to spend 2 hours in a traffic jam and on top, their guitar player Eric had to work a little longer so that he almost had to fly to Koblenz and be right on time to present their new songs to the audience. Imagine… one day before, his Gibson Les Paul guitar was stolen from their rehearsal room which did not really improve his situation at all. Final band was Lake Cisco, also with a brand new album to present to their fans who came especially late just to watch only their favorite band. Next time, please arrive earlier. Thanks! 😉

After the concert, packing the backline and cleaning up the place, we drove towards Trier together with Deviled and got them a pretty nice place for their caravan at the Messepark camping site.

Rockstar-like? Not at all. Thank you, we know that. But comfortable.

The next day we met in the afternoon in Luxembourg because there were still some private things to fix in the morning. As some of the Deviled guys wanted to visit Trier centre, they took a 45 minutes walk to find out that the centre was still far away. In the end they found themselves at the Kartoffelkiste to taste their first Viez and tasty lunch. Back in Luxembourg – where the guys arrived together with Tobey – we quickly put up the instruments at Café Rocas, Deviled took a walk through Luxembourg Ville and Project 54 got the opportunity to do an interview with the newspaper „Luxembourger Wort“ before the show. As Café Rocas is a quite small but perfect place to have a rockshow, it was only us two and Versus You who did tonight’s show. We had some nice audience with friends, colleagues and guys who just came up the stairs from the Café to see what was going on on the first floor.

Later that night, we found ourselves again at Lucky’s Luke in Trier to show the Swedish how to party with independent music in your ears and icecold Jägermeister in your mouth. Wonderful finale for the great concert in Luxembourg. After some drinks and sweaty dance shows we took the tourbus to get “home” again because there was another day to rock!

Although I wanted to get up quite early to do a cool sightseeing tour around our hometown, I fell out of bed around half past 11. Holy crap! The boys had already sent a message when and where to meet and only a few minutes later we were on our way downtown with the best parking spot at the 5vier.de office. Thanks a lot! After lunch and Viez it was time to climb our Porta Nigra and take a closer look at all the beautiful women in their short tops while the sun was shining like on a holiday. Yeah! (Check out our picture gallery on Facebook !) In the afternoon and after getting some new Jack Daniel’s bottles (just for a better voice, of course!) we used our vouchers to eat at Burger King for free. Thanks a lot again for your great support!!! The concert in Trier – together with Angel at my table – was the best visited one on this pretty short tour, so no surprise that every band (that’s what I hope at least) had their best fun that night to play their asses off.

Winnie supported us with his sound equipment, as Kim took care of the organization at the venue. Thank you so much again to Götz, Thommy and Sandra for taking care of the entrance! We even got invited to join a birthday party that was taking place at the Exhaus-Café. Cool move! Deviled finished the concert as headliner band and luckily we also had some Swedish in the audience that pushed the guys towards exhaustion and a great invitation for me to join C.J. for one song on stage that was re-named “Ich bin so angepisst!” (what they learned during their stay with us…)

I cannot remember what time we got home or to the caravan, but it was really late! Only a few hours later, I was knocking on the caravan’s door, already knowing that no one would open. Everyone fell into a deep sleep. We managed push our reservation to an hour later and then we boarded and robbed the breakfast-brunch-buffet at the Coyote Café. This was at least the most healthy meal we’d had in days ☺

After that, we dropped Deviled off at their caravan, took a last picture and gave them a little present that was a bottle “Ficken”. Good to know the German words. In the afternoon, they kept on going to Amsterdam to play their last show for their European Tour before they headed back home. As this blog will be online on Wednesday, I guess everyone of them will be again at home enjoying silence and thinking back to these great days we had.

In August it will be PROJECT 54 travelling hundreds of kilometers north to play my 30th Birthday Bash Party in Stockholm. You are all invited! Come over and party like a rockstar ☺

One last thing to say before you leave a message at your Facebook profile that all your friends should read this: as Blink 182 cancelled their European Tour 2011, which feels like Christmas without Santa Claus (because he could not jet finish packing the presents that he wanted to deliver already 3 years before!!!) the Rock-A-Field now got two more bands in their line-up, which are BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and YOU ME AT SIX.

On Saturday, we expect every single one of you to join our concert at the Fest der Römischen Weinstrasse in Schweich where we will play around 19:30 Uhr in front of the town hall together with THE JOMTONES. Be aware that we will put one of our new songs on our setlist to keep it fresh and looking forward for our new album!

So long for now everybody. Stay tuned for some more news from the studio!





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